Are you at risk of developing Osteoporosis?
Have you been diagnosed with Osteoporosis?

Are you rehabilitating after a bone fracture because you have Osteoporosis?

Bone is living tissue that responds to exercise by becoming stronger and denser just like a muscle gets stronger and larger the more you train it. Regardless of your age, fitness level and state of health, Elisa can help you enjoy an exercise routine that meets your present needs. 

Personal training for Osteoporosis includes two types of exercises that are important for building and maintaining bone mass and structure:

Weight-bearing - walking, stair climbing, and hiking
Resistance training – examples are: using free weights or resistance bands.

Personal Training for Osteoporosis will help improve your balance and reduce the risk of falling. The program is fun and energizing. The goal is to give you the motivation you need to stay healthy and keep your bones strong.

Elisa will bring easy to use equipment to your home or at the location of your choice.