Minimize the symptoms of Incontinence. There are different causes and forms of Incontinence. One form, stress incontinence, often occurs after pregnancy. Symptoms are occasional unexpected leakage of urine, for example when laughing, sneezing or coughing. A primary cause for losing urine is weak pelvic floor muscles.

Elisa’s Physical Therapy experience working with Incontinence insures that you will learn the correct way of doing Pelvic Floor exercises. The program goes beyond doing Kegels, and includes comprehensive exercises developed in Europe for more effective results. Learn how to correctly exercise, expand your awareness and control of the pelvic floor muscles, and as a result experience a great improvement in your well-being.

Personal training sessions with Elisa may take place in your home in Mill Valley, Sausalito, Tiburon, Belvedere, Corte Madera and San Francisco.