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Today is a good day to start exercising and have fun doing it! Exercising and being physically active is one of the healthiest—and actually enjoyable—things you can do for yourself. Elisa specializes in fitness for seniors—developing and implementing safe, fun and effective exercise programs to fit their lifestyles.

Some of the benefits of working out with Elisa include:

Mental Acuity and an Upbeat Attitude    -    Quicker Reaction Time    -    Feeling More Vibrantly Alive    -    Finding Joy and Freedom in Movement
Better Sleep and Sweeter Dreams    -    Improved Balance to Prevent Falls    -    Increased Self-Confidence and a More Positive Outlook on Life
Strength, Flexibility and Endurance (e.g., You can keep up with your grandchildren!)

If you’ve had a hip replacement or a knee replacement, Elisa’s background in Physical Therapy assures safe strategic post-rehabilitation exercises to get the best results from your surgery. Likewise, she can help with chronic conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

Elisa’s style is consistently motivating, enthusiastic, lighthearted and very compassionate. She loves coming up with fun new activities, which keep her Personal Training sessions fresh and inspiring.

Call her today. The best years of your life may well be yet to come!